On Tuesday, I crashed my bicycle. On my way to work, I slipped on some black ice and landed hard on my hip. For the rest of the week, I haven't been able to sit or move in a pain-free way. The pain makes it difficult to work, relax or do anything. Even lying in bed doesn't bring relief.

I've had a lot of injuries in my life. And, while this isn't the most painful, it is undoubtedly the most debilitating. Trying to work through the pain makes me incredibly cranky. I feel frustrated that I can't focus on my work. Then I try to lie down and read a book - but I can't do that either.

Today, I am going to try to approach this using the strategies I learned in my DBT group and accept the pain and sit with it. I hope this will help me find some space from the pain and find some relief.

Photo Caption: Minerva keeps me company as I search for a comfortable position.