On Feeling Stuck

Clare and I will be moving this summer. Of that much, we are certain. But, we don’t know where.

My job is fine. 

I am good at it, and I like the people on my team. But, I feel isolated. I enjoy the flexibility of working from home - but my company is becoming less remote-friendly by the day. 

I enjoy working with my hands, being around people, and being outside. Unfortunately, my career doesn’t afford me much of any of that.

I do interact with people in my work with the IWW. I am outside, when I’m not injured, during much of my free time.

I am frustrated that much of my day is devoted to work that doesn’t bring me joy. On top of that, I feel guilty that my hobby isn’t ALSO programming.

I want a change. I want my work to mean something.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash