Ready to Settle

Since I left for the Merchant Marine Academy on July 3, 2006, I have not lived in the same city for more than three years. I spent eighteen months in Great Neck, New York then three months on a ship, then a few more months in Great Neck, then three months in Honolulu, then back to Tampa. I stayed in Tampa from September 2009 to July 2012. Then I moved to Brooklyn, New York for about 18 months and then Portland, Oregon for two years seven months. After that, we went to Bryn Mawr, Pennslyvania for a year. Now we live in Philadelphia. Clare got into the University of Rochester, and we might be moving again. 

I am ready to stop. I want to start investing in a community where we will raise our kids. I know that we will probably move again for residency. But, four years will still be a nice respite from the constant moving.

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

Note: I wrote this yesterday and I forgot to post it. I am still counting it.