Trump Will Win Re-election

My unpopular opinion through 2017 was that, barring an economic crisis, Trump would be our president for eight years. 

Incumbents are difficult to beat. The Democrats are likely to win a majority in the House and have a slim chance at retaking the Senate. Losing power will unite Republicans in 2020. They will have their favorite foil - evil Democrats - back.

The Democrats won’t go far enough left to excite their base, and the 2020 primary will be a shitshow. 

Don’t get me wrong - I’ll still vote for any Democrat they put up. I might even volunteer again. Someone who pays lip service to unions is better than someone trying to dismantle them. But I won’t get my hopes up for a victory.

The Democrats won’t save us.  We need to invest our efforts in mutual aid and parallel structures.

Photo by Simon Bowes on Unsplash