Glorifying Revolution

In leftist circles, people often refer to "the revolution" as a hopeful outcome. I disagree. We need to have a more active imagination on how to achieve a better world. To do so, I think we need to acknowledge a couple things:

1. Under capitalism, whether because of it or in spite of it, every year (yes, including 2017) circumstances improved for the poorest in the world. We have been progressing as a species by almost any metric you can find.

2. Violent revolutions cause the most harm to the most vulnerable. The deaths of innocents will forever weigh on any future society that emerges from violence. 

3. Transitioning away from capitalism means that we must come up with a system that is better each step of the way - not just eventually better. To succeed in the long term, we need the support of more than radicals. That support won't come if it requires sacrifices from people whose lives are, in their minds, already good.

My dreams for a better world require radical change. But, I believe we can achieve radical change without violence. I hope to write more about my ideas in coming days.