The Bullet Journal

I've never found a great solution for keeping notes. I end up with random things written all over a page and in no order. The disorder of the notes makes them only marginally useful.

Then, Clare introduced me to Bullet Journaling. The Bullet Journal process is a way to organize schedules, planning todo lists and notes about life all into the same place. It is a modular and adaptable system that can be bent to serve the needs that I have.

The modularity of the system appeals to my inner software developer. And the ability to put everything in one place appeals to my laziness.

The most significant reason I stick with it though is the paper and pen. I buy Rhodia notebooks and write in them with a fountain pen. It makes every note seem like I am writing a letter for prosperity. It gives my notes an air of importance that appeals to my ego.

If you are looking for a system to take notes and you share my need for order, laziness, and ego - check out Bullet Journaling.