Being Proud

When I hurt my back five weeks ago, I was worried. I don't do well with inactivity. I missed two days of skiing; I couldn't bike; I couldn't run. I spent two full weeks on my back. I lived my one of my worst nightmares.

I survived. I mean - I knew I would physically survive. But I came through with my mental health intact. I had a few very dark weeks which I am sure came through in my daily posts.

My most significant accomplishment was keeping faith in my ability to move through the episode. I accepted that I was depressed and I had as much compassion for myself as I could muster. That compassion meant taking some mental-health time away from work. On Thursday, I went to a second therapy session and took the afternoon off to meditate. This weekend I went for my first long run since my injury. I don't know if I am entirely through this episode - but I am feeling much better.

My back injury was the most prominent mental health challenge since the summer when I needed to do partial hospitalization and another round of ECT. And I made it through using the tools I learned over the last 18 months. That is what progress looks like, and for that I am proud.

Photo by Michael Spain on Unsplash