The Valentine's Day Miso Shortage

I have been five grocery stores in the last three days. No one has Miso paste. What the hell Philadelphia?

I am annoyed by the lack of miso paste because miso soup has become our one of our staple quick and easy dinners. I ordered our groceries on Instacart, and they delivered everything except the paste! So, I need to find some miso (or a different recipe) before the rest of the ingredients spoil.

If you've never made miso, it is way simpler than I imagined. Boil some water, throw in some kale and some snow peas, and let it boil for a minute. Then turn down the heat and throw in some cubed tofu. Next, take some soup water, mix it in with the paste in a separate bowl. Last, you mix all the ingredients and add some green onions.

The whole process takes under ten minutes, and the result is delicious.

Yes. This is a shit post. I am out of ideas today. Don't @ me.