Yesterday was a Loooong Day

Yesterday, Clare and I went to Camelback for a day of skiing. Being two-hours away and wanting a long day of skiing - we got up at 5:45 AM. When we got there, the slopes were packed, and the conditions were icy, and we still had a blast. But on the way home - we ran into a problem.

The snow caused all of the traffic to slow to a halt. Because of the traffic (I think) Google kept rerouting us. We didn't notice the change in routes because we were listening to Harry Potter on audiobook. I looked at the directions before we started and then checked it every so often. Well because of my lack of attention - we ended up on some back roads in rural PA. We hit a pothole that was obscured by the snow and blew our tire. We pulled into the parking lot of a Dollar General to check the damage.

Now, I know how to change a tire, but I was a little nervous about changing it in a snowstorm. I thought maybe things would be slippery and I am still a bit cautious after my back injury. So I called American Express' roadside assistance. They tried to get someone out to me, but no one would come because of the storm. After a while, the snow stopped so I just changed the tire myself.

At this point, it was almost midnight (we had left Camelback at 7 PM - it is ordinarily under two hours to drive to Philly). We were still 90 miles away, but now we were on a spare tire that couldn't go past 50 mph, and snow covered the roads.

We considered getting a hotel, but every hotel in the area was sold out. So we decided to try to drive home - slowly. It took us another three hours to drive home from that point.

We were finally in our bed a little after 3 AM after a 21 hour day. We slept until 1:45 PM.