What Should I Write About?

I forgot to write yesterday. Whoops. I am going to post twice today to "make up" for it. But - I don't want to let myself get away with it.

I am running out of things about which to write. I spend my time thinking about a few topics: My marriage, my mental health, economics, politics, and software. The little voice in my head always tries to tell me that I am not an expert on any of those topics (well, I guess I am an expert on MY marriage) so no one wants to read my thoughts.

Then I remind myself that no one reads this blog! So, I can say whatever I want.

Then I think, "Shit. Someday I am going to be looking for a job, and an employer is going to scroll through my blog feed and see a chronically depressed person who is passionate about radical union organizing."

Then I think, "Well, good thing Clare got into medical school. Trophy husband here I come!"

Then I think, "Shit. I need to start working out again."

I digress. My point is - don't take anything I write too seriously. If you, dear reader, promise that you won't take me seriously, I won't either.