Meal Planning

A habit Clare and I have gotten into is meal planning. Every Saturday morning we sit down and make a menu for the week. We plan breakfast lunch and dinner and try to plot out our use of leftovers.

For the most part, this has allowed us to reduce food waste, to experiment in the kitchen, and reduce the costs of groceries. At least, that was the intention. 

In the last couple weeks, our experimenting outstripped our budgetary planning. We tried a new recipe almost every meal last week. Cookbooks are great for coming up with ideas, but most recipes require small amounts of a lot of different ingredients. Our grocery bill last week was more than double our average expenditure.


Clare is going to be out of town this week, and I am aiming for my food budget to be under 50 dollars. That would be about 10 dollars a day and 3 dollars a meal. Most of that cost goes towards the expensive smoothie we make every morning, so it will probably limit me to beans, miso soup and other simple food for the other meals.