I do not like the Philadelphia Eagles. Or - at least I grew up disliking them.

In 2003 during my hometown team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were coming off their first Super Bowl victory. In the offseason of our wide-receivers, Joe Jurevicius, suffered a horrible personal tragedy when his three-month-old son passed away. Our first game of the season was against the Philadelphia Eagles. We beat them, and Joe made some spectacular catches.

Later in the week, on a sports radio station that I listened to, Joe recounted that Eagles' fans were taunting him about the death of his son. They said things like, "How's your son, Joe?"

After that day - I hated the Eagles. They became my most detested team.

Now I live in Philadelphia. And I have to say; I was swept up in the excitement of the Super Bowl. The slight against my home team - which I abandoned because of their drafting of Jamis Winston - was fifteen years ago. I think it is time to forgive and forget and embrace this weird city's love for their sports teams.

Photo by Fredy Martinez on Unsplash