When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

The reality of the human condition is such that we can’t prepare for all eventualities. When you suffer from mental illness, the uncertainty that accompanies day-to-day life can be distressing. That uncertainty is why I get to the airport earlier than anyone I know, and why I have a strict morning routine.

However, when dealing with a vacation, or a move, or a vacation and a move in the same week, the amount I can plan for goes out the window. The challenge for me is accepting that I can’t prepare for all the eventualities and that something will go wrong. It is easy to tell myself that message and much harder to sit with the feelings of anxiety when the inevitable happens.

It is with that thought that I say that we will be moving into our house 6 days later than we originally planned. Luckily, my aunt and uncle are fantastic and are putting us up for a few days.